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Behind the Design:

Complete Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation is an exciting endeavor that promises to breathe new life into one of the most important spaces in your home. At Old Fashioned Bathrooms, we recently had the opportunity to transform our customer’s bathroom in Suffolk. Join us for our March blog post, showing you the entire process of the bathroom renovation and what you can expect from our turnkey service. 

The renovated bathroom below is the end result, blending our client’s desires with professional advice on what to realistically expect with their new bathroom. Continue reading to explore how this came to life with the initial planning stage, removing and disposing of the old bathroom, and installing the new bathroom our client loves.

Renovated-Bathroom Victoria + Albert Bathtub

The Initial Bathroom Consultation

All good bathrooms start with an idea. Our clients visited our Suffolk showroom to discuss their requirements. We then visited our client’s home to measure up the bathroom and curated the perfect traditional bathroom products.

Normally at this stage, our clients will let us know if there are any bathroom products recommended that they are not a fan of and would like to change. However, in this case, our client was happy to move forward with the products we recommended based on their budget. Next, it was time to organise an installation date.

Once we settled on an installation date, we booked the skip to be delivered to the client’s house the day before work is to be started so our team could arrive and start as soon as possible!

    Removing the Old Bathroom & First Fix

    The next step we got our professional team to strip and dispose all items in the old bathroom. As we organise the removal and disposal of the old bathroom, we were able to get our electrician and plumbers to start as soon as the original bathroom was removed.

    After this was done, we brought all necessary products to the clients home for the first fix. This means we can make sure everything is ready to be fitted and works exactly as intended without bringing all products and clogging up the client’s home. No one likes to live in a messy house!


    Installing the New Traditional Style Bathroom

    After the first fix, it was finally time to install the new bathroom. This included all aspects of plumbing and tiling, as well as cabinet work so our client could incorporate personal belongings to really personalise their bathroom.


    The bathroom, with the help of a few coffees from our client, started to come to life. As this is a turnkey service, we were able to incorporate painting and decorating around the plumbing as some places may have become hard to reach once all plumbing was in place. 



      After making sure our client inspected and was fully satisfied, it was time to pack up! We made sure the skip was picked up and everything was spotless before we left. Leaving our clients with a brand new, fully renovated bathroom. As this was a full turnkey service and responsible for all parts of the project, we know the ins and outs of the bathroom and therefore, should our customers have any questions or fixes down the line, we have the knowledge and skills to come out and solve anything the client may encounter. 


        Looking for inspiration? You can find all the latest and upcoming trends by following our Instagram @oldfashionedbathroomsofficial or browse our stunning collection of traditional bathroom products to decorate your bathroom this season.

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