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How To Choose Great Bathroom


Choosing the correct lighting for your bathroom can start to feel like an overwhelming task. There are so many factors to take whilst keeping a cohesive look. We’ve pulled some top tips from our experts at Old Fashioned Bathrooms so you can make an informed decision.

What to consider when choosing bathroom lights:

Although lighting styles are subjective, we’re here to offer educated and factual advice as to what lighting is best for your bathroom.

Overall Style

We recommend matching natural daylight as much a possible when it comes to lighting, particular with a dimmer switch. Matching the time of day can really start your day or help you unwind in the evening. Also, keeping the same finishes rather than styles can create a cohesive look. Try pairing similarly finished wall sconces with overhead fixtures. Do you prefer exposed lighting in modern bathrooms or more covered, decorative lighting in a traditional bathroom? 


Where to put your lighting

Lighting placement is vital to create great bathroom lighting. Overhead lights are a must in any bathroom. Whether having spotlights or chandeliers, a great start is above or either side of your mirror. Although it may seem simple, great lighting around your mirror enhances your bathroom, and it may help you notice that little bit of toothpaste on your lip!

Maximise natural light

Maximising natural light is the key to perfect bathroom lighting. When building a bathroom or buying a new home, having a north facing bathroom is perfect for soft lighting. If this is not attainable, then why not consider a skylight in your bathroom. This creates ambiance without running up your electricity bill.

What lighting style is best in a bathroom?

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are the quintessential choice. Ceiling lights are versatile and offer your bathroom a wide array of warm tones to give your bathroom a bright morning, or cosy evening aesthetic. Typically recessed, you can opt for small ceiling lights or larger chandelier style bathroom lights for a focal point. Ceiling lights are a great option, particularly for those with little to no natural light.

Wall lights

Wall lights are key to creating ambient lighting within your bathroom. Usually as a single or double light, fitting above or either side of a mirror. Wall lights can create a great vanity mirror without having to get a bright white LED mirror. Also, a great option if you’re looking for a relaxing bath with ambient lighting but do not want a bright ceiling light on.



Spotlights match both old fashioned and contemporary bathrooms. These are a great option as most allow for you to angle the light, meaning you can create focal points within your bathroom. They are also great if you have a particular spot in your bathroom that doesn’t get much natural light.

Lit Mirrors

LED lit mirrors are a great way to incorporate luxury style and functionality into your bathroom. Not only are they great just before you leave the house but they use less energy than a standard bulb. This means that you’ll save money on your energy bill, which is more important now than ever with the ever increasing cost of living.


There you have it! Our top tips on how different lighting can benefit your bathroom. After taking into account your bathroom’s natural lighting and your lifestyle, which lighting is the best for you? If you’re looking to browse premium quality lights, then Click here to browse Old Fashioned Bathrooms Lighting for inspiration.

High-Quality Traditional Bathrooms

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From designing a new high-spec bathroom to adding a new piece of furniture to your existing design, Old Fashioned Bathroom are here to help. Drop into our showroom or give us a call for more info – we can help you create an old fashioned bathroom design to be proud of!

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