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Autumn Bathroom Inspiration

Summer is coming to an end and you know what that means? Autumn is arriving! Bringing forth a sense of nostalgia and comfort. But most importantly, it’s finally going to get a little chillier so we have the excuse to soak in the bathtub every evening.

Looking for some new autumnal additions or renovating your bathroom this season? There is an autumn-inspired style for everyone and Old Fashioned Bathrooms is here in our September blog post to inspire you with ideas. Get ready to discover this season’s inspiration and transform your bathroom into an inviting and warm retreat.

Warm Colour Palettes

Autumn is synonymous with deep, earthy colours. Channel the essence of the season by adorning your bathroom with warm hues such as deep oranges, cinnamon browns, and golden yellows. These can be incorporated in a number of ways explained below.


Do you want to commit a little more than a paint refresh? Opting for copper brassware ranging from brackets, pipework and even copper bathtubs is a great way to give your bathroom that warm cosy aesthetic. Using natural wood and wood effect tiles is a great way to incorporate warmth if you’re not ready to commit to warm hues on the wall. These pair well with most desaturated wall colours as well giving you more versatility when it comes to the colour palette of your bathroom.


Bathtub: BC Designs Copper Boat Bath with Enamel Inner RRP  £6,661.00 | Our Price £5661.85

Fall-Focused Accessories

If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom this autumn without the large expense, you can choose fall-inspired bathroom accessories and decorations such as autumn-themed bath towels, bath mats, and even themed scented candles and soaps. You can carry the autumn-inspired interior into functionality by utilising natural materials such as woven baskets in creams, browns, oranges, and yellows to add warmth and depth, even to your storage. Soft furnishings can also be a great way to create an autumnal bathroom with soft and cosy bath mats, bath towels, and hand towels in a warm and earthy colour palette.


Choosing an ongoing theme in your bathroom brassware is a must! This can range from copper tubs paired with copper taps or alternatively, you can pair it with black taps and bathroom accessories such as heated towel rails and toilet roll holders. Rustic brass or polished gold is also a great way to incorporate warm tones into your bathroom if copper isn’t your style.

thomas crapper gold medium darby brackets

Brackets: Thomas Crapper Polished Brass Darby Brackets | Our Price £189.00 – £215.00

Natural Materials

As it starts to get a little chillier outside, it is natural as humans to spend more time indoors where the warmth is. A popular style choice when renovating bathrooms this time of the year is to incorporate natural materials into your bathroom. Think “bringing the outside inside.”


This interior trend can range from bringing natural wood into your bathroom. From premium hand-made solid wood toilet seats and cabinetry to solid wood bath panels. By incorporating wood into your bathroom functionality, possibly with the addition of some bathroom plants, you’ll be well on your way to creating the dream autumn-inspired bathroom.


Vanity Unit: Foresters Hand-made 100cm Period Basin & Oak Cabinet RRP | Our Price £2,870.00 – £3,070.00


By following these top tips and autumn bathroom inspiration, you can create a space that not only reflects the beauty of the season but provides a cosy retreat for relaxation. Embrace the warmth, colours, and scents of autumn to create an oasis at our favourite time of the year.


Looking for inspiration? You can find all the latest and upcoming trends by following our Instagram @oldfashionedbathroomsofficial or browse our stunning collection of traditional bathroom products to decorate your bathroom this season.

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