Old Fashioned Bathrooms Blog

Read our latest blog posts – written by the old fashioned bathroom design experts in the UK. From traditional to modern bathroom design tips & ideas to the history of roll-tops baths and the must-have trendy bathroom accessories, our team love to share their years of bathroom design and installation experience. We hope our posts help to give you design ideas and inspire you to create your perfect traditional bathroom!

Guide to Steel Baths

Baths made out of steel – what’s the big deal? Learn about steel baths and what makes them different to acrylic styles. Shop Bette steel bath designs.

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Lifting the Lid on Rimless Toilets

Learn about rimless toilets, how they work and the benefits vs traditional toilet designs. Shop Burlington rimless toilets from £184 – save water and reduce cleaning.

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Bateau Baths Guide | Shop Styles

Learn about Bateau baths and the history of the iconic bathtub design. Shop our online Bateau bath range and explore bath styles for your traditional bathroom.

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What to look for in a new toilet!

When creating a new bathroom the focus of attention goes on choosing the style of bath, shower and washbasin. When it comes to toilets the many options available are not widely known.

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Digital Showers Explained

The modern shower dates back to 1767 when William Feetham patented his shower invention. 90% of all UK bathrooms have a shower although very few will have a ‘digital’ shower.

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