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Bathroom Trends in 2022 &

Colours of the Year

2021 was a wobbly year. With high and lows, being stuck indoors during a lockdown has influenced us to change around our interior living. Rest assured; bathrooms are not something to glaze over. You can freshen your bathroom in 2022 without starting from scratch! Here are the top trends for 2022 and how you, through small cost-efficient changes, can incorporate these trends into your bathroom. Also, read on for the Farrow & Ball colours of the year!

Trend 1: Plants


You heard it, plants. With more of us staying at home during a pandemic, many of us are looking to reconnect with nature. Incorporating nature into our bathrooms can create a truly therapeutic experience. Pairing well with both bright clean ceramics as well as deep, rich palettes. Plants may be the perfect, cost-effective finishing touch.

Plants we recommend for a bathroom: Asparagus Fern, Begonia, Chinese Evergreen and Pothos.

These all require little to no sun, thrive in humidity and are durable, a great bathroom companion that can freshen up your interior.


Mix of Traditional and Modern Bathroom Products

Trend 2: Mixing the Old with the New


Remember, opposites attract! Combining old fashioned bathroom products with contemporary products can create the bathroom you never knew you wanted. Mixing traditional claw foot baths with modern basins and toilets will make your bathtub standout and become a focal point. Another style can be pairing vintage-style taps with a modern basin or vice versa. 

Alternatively, you can pair a modern basin with traditional taps such as these classic Burlington Arcade Deck 3 Hole Basin mixer. Life doesn’t have to be one or the other. Pairing a modern bath with a classic low level toilet such as this beautiful Waldorf toilet means the possibilities are endless and doesn’t require a completely new bathroom to change it up.


Trend 3: Rich Colour Palettes


Our final trend of 2022 is the push away from clinical white bathrooms. Over the past few months Old Fashioned Bathrooms in Suffolk has seen a rising trend in dark, rich and royal colour palettes blow up in the bathroom scene. Both in terms of statement walls and incorporating colours into bathroom furniture such as this ……. A pop of colour may be all you need to freshen up your bathroom rather than a complete bathroom renovation.


Farrow & Ball Colours of the Year | 2022

With many paints company’s such as Farrow & Ball releasing their colour predictions for 2022, the two current colours of the year for painted walls are:

  • – School House White No. 291
  • – Breakfast Room Green No. 81

School House White is the perfect choice for a spa like experience with sophistication that compliments stronger hues such as blues and greens. On the other hand, breakfast room green can compliment a natural style bathrooms, alongside our first trend of plants. This creates an experience where you’re able to relax in the beautiful colours that nature can offer, right in your bathroom!

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