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BC Designs: Luxury New Baths

In our August blog post, we’ll be introducing you to the new range of exclusive baths by premium bathroom brand, BC Designs. Read on to learn more about BC Designs, the new range of unique bathtubs, and the benefits of their new premium Cian® material baths. Also, discover how you an have a completely unique bathtub with ColourKast and bespoke painting services. 

Who are BC Designs?


Winner of two 2023 major awards in the UK’s leading Homes & Interior Publications, BC Designs have solidified their place as the go-to for premium quality baths. Priding itself on quality, innovation, and originality.  BC Designs started in 1999, crafting luxury bathtubs from their luxury Acrymite® material. In most recent news, they have released a range of bathtubs featuring their new premium material, Cian®.


BC Designs: Casini Cian® Bath (Painted in ColourKast Powder Blue) – RRP £4,236.00 | Our Price £3600.60

Cian® – Unique Bathroom Material

So the new range of bathtubs is made from a unique solid surface called Cian®, but what is it? Cian® is a range of luxury baths that consists of an advanced blend of acrylic-modified polyester resin and mineral compounds that allow for the bathtubs to be cast in unique shapes with thinner rims. Now the technical bit is out of the way, what are the benefits?

ColourKast Baths

Looking for a truly unique bathtub? BC Designs offers 8 unique muted colours in their ColourKast range. What is ColourKast? ColourKast is a solid surface colur throughout material with the same benefits of BC Designs white bathtubs. This means both the inside and the outside of your bathtub can range from powder blue to a deep gunmetal black, all for the same price as their standard white bathtubs. ColourKast click-clack bath wastes are also offered to match or contrast.

Benefits to a Cian® Bathtub:


Withstands the rigors of everyday exposure.

Scratch/Stain Resistant

Light scratches can be removed with water paper and polished compound.


For all practical purposes these tubs are 100% non-porous so are unaffected by fluctuating moisture and humidity.

Easy Maintenance

Will stay clean with just a daily wipe over. Resistant to deterioration. Minor damages can be repaired. 


All Cian® bathtubs are supplied with a 10-year guarantee. 


BC Designs: Copper Boat Bath (Patinata Blue Exterior) – RRP £4,727.00£5,873.00 | Our Price £4,017.95 – £4,992.05

Bespoke Painted Bathtubs


Haven’t found the perfect colour or want a white interior tub with a colourful exterior? Fear not! Old Fashioned Bathrooms offer an infinite range of colour options. After purchasing our selected bathtubs – you can choose any Little Greene or Farrow & Ball colour to have your bath exterior sprayed in. Looking to match a specific colour? Old Fashioned Bathrooms can even colour match.


BC Designs: Penny Bath – RRP £1,986.00 | Our Price £1688.10



BC Designs is a recognised, sustainably focused brand that offers some of the best-competing tubs on the market. Perfect for those wanting a unique shape, colour, and premium materials from a trusted brand. With the ColourKast range and bespoke painting services meaning you can have a luxury bathtub that separates itself from the rest of the competition.


Browse the new premium range of BC Designs Cian® bathtubs.

Premium Quality Traditional Baths

Feeling inspired? Old Fashioned Bathrooms is proud to supply a wide range of premium baths as well as our bath painting services. With a showroom located in Mickfield, Suffolk. You can browse a huge range of Acrylic, Volcanic Limestone, Cast Iron and Copper bathtubs.


Old Fashioned Bathrooms

Stonham Road, Mickfield


IP14 5LS

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