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Design Ideas for an Art Deco Style Bathroom

Looking for Art Deco Style baths, sinks, toilets and mirrors?

Art Deco is a style that became popularised in the 1920s and 1930s and influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery and everyday objects used in the home. Art Deco is characterised by the use of expensive materials, fine craftsmanship and bold geometric design with clean distinctive lines and the style still works beautifully in modern 21st Century bathrooms.

Old Fashioned Bathrooms are proud to offer a wide range of stylish Art Deco bathroom accessories, baths, sinks and mirrors that help you re-create your perfect Art Deco style bathroom suite!

Art Deco design is now one of the most popular UK bathroom styles – a 1920s or 1930s bathroom shows the distinctive charm and striking styling which is a byword for bathroom chic. An Art Deco inspired bathroom is unlikely to go out of fashion and by creating or rejuvenating a bathroom in an Art Deco theme you’ll be adding luxury and elegance to your home. The design is very versatile and to get the right look you need to mix traditional and modern elements.

For example, you could combine black and white tiling with gold or silver taps; gold and silver striped pattern wallpaper or furniture with plain white, curvy ceramics – hard to imagine, but that’s the beauty of Art Deco!

Graphic to show Art Deco styled bathroom.

Art Deco Bathroom Products & Furniture

Components of an Art Deco bathroom

The photo montage has some of the most well known and iconic art deco designs to help inspire your bathroom theme. It shows from left to right:

  • The Chrysler Building New York
  • Gilded bronze Prometheus at the Rockefeller Centre New York
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Art Deco style radio
  • The 1948 Buick Streamliner
  • Art Deco armchair
  • Interior design showing the geometric use of gold leaf
  • Classic 1930s art deco house and bathroom
  • Brooch in gold, diamonds, turquoise and onyx
  • Patterned black and white tiling
  • Stunning Art Deco interior staircase

Art Deco design uses curves, geometric patterns and bold colours to create eye-catching statements and quirky bathroom ideas. Checkerboard flooring is by far the most iconic design of the Art Deco era and a great addition to any bathroom.

Art Deco Pedestal Basins

A wall hung or cabinet wash basin does not fit the theme quite as well as a pure white ceramic basin with an elegantly curved pedestal, like the ones shown below. A console basin and silver metal stand or ceramic stand also helps create the stylish and quirky Art Deco bathroom you seek.

Art Deco Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can help set the tone for your Art Deco bathroom. Polished silver mirror lights or single round lights with cords dramatically frame an Art Deco mirror. Old Fashioned Bathrooms sell a wide range crystal glass bathroom lights starting from £59.

Toilets made from English china clays

High cistern level toilets are more reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian era, so for an Art Deco style, instead opt for either a close couple or low-level toilet with gold or silver pipe fittings and ceramic levers (handles).

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Graphic to show Art Deco toilet bathroom design.

Art Deco Bathroom Accessories

As long as you choose high-quality ceramic, brilliant white baths and suites, you can create the essence of Art Deco style using certain types of accessories. As mentioned earlier, monochrome Art Deco tiles (black and white) and wallpaper will add more than a splash of Deco elegance to your bathroom, but there are other things that will make a difference.

Chrome or silver towel warmers and radiators can also add a classy touch of Deco elegance. One of the biggest and best statements you can make in a bathroom is to pick a wonderful Art Deco bathroom mirror like the one below. Other Art Deco accessory ideas include objects like a wall clock, wall/ceiling lights, and door handles.

Statement Art Deco Baths

Standalone, double ended baths will make the greatest impact as an Art Deco bath. Many of the baths in the Old Fashioned Bathrooms Burlington range would be ideal (see below). A standalone bath with a geometric black and white floor and wall tiles and very monochrome colours create the perfect Art Deco bathroom.  An Art Deco bathroom suite should showcase the essence of the era, with a high quality finish and clean lines.

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