When choosing your new bath, there are a lot of deciding factors before you come to your final decision: the size, shape, design, and materials. It can sometimes be overwhelming. Here at Old Fashioned Bathrooms we want to ensure that the bath you choose is the perfect bath for you, and will bring you comfort and joy for many years to come. In this blog post we will help you decide what bath material will best suit your needs to create a luxurious bathing experience.

Pros and Cons of different bath materials


freestanding bath


  • Inexpensive- great If on a budget
  • Warm to the touch
  • Popular
  • Come in a white finish, and can be painted to suit your bathroom décor
  • Lots of shape options
  • Great for families and everyday use
  • Many shapes and sizes to choose from


  • Soft, easy to scratch
  • Not as conductive as some other materials, therefore can loose heat quicker
old fashioned toilets


  • Nostalgia- true traditional design (the most traditional material)
  • Extremely durable and resistant to damage, marking and denting
  • Built to last with a lifetime guarantee
  • Range of styles and shapes


  • Cold to touch
  • Expensive
  • Heavy so could require extra floor reinforcement
traditional bathroom furniture


  • Traditional
  • Luxurious
  • Light – 2 man lift
  • Customisable options
  • Rust-proof, mould-resistant and antibacterial
  • Durable and versatile
  • Retains heat longer than acrylic


  • Limited choice of sizes
  • High cost
  • Can’t have rim mounted taps
  • Will change colour over time if unwaxed
traditional showers


  • 30 year guarantee
  • Hard wearing titanium
  • Some of the best value on the market
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean surface with crisp lines and edges
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Retains hot water warmth well- great if you enjoy a long soak
  • Ideal for designer bathrooms
  • Come in lots of shapes and sizes


  • Can’t be painted
  • Not as warm as acrylic – can be colder than other materials
  • Cold to touch
traditional basins & sinks


  • If it gets marked it can be sanded down
  • Light – only need 2 people to lift it
  • 25-year warranty
  • Can be painted
  • Comfort warmer materials
  • Stays warmer for longer
  • Been crafted from volcanic limestone which is incredibly strong and long lasting
  • Warm to the touch
  • Stain resistant


  • On the higher price end – but still great value for money



Designing your perfect bathroom doesn’t need to be a challenge. Many of our customers find it to be an enjoyable experience – even if they do sometimes find it difficult to choose between the exquisite designs we have on our site! Give us a call if you have any questions.
traditional slipper bath with taps

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic is one of the most popular bath material choices, as they are relatively inexpensive and a great all-rounder. Acrylic baths are extremely versatile with a large variety of shape and design options available. They also all come in a white finish, which can be painted to suit your personal bathroom décor.  Moreover, acrylic baths are warm to touch and will retain their warmth meaning you can soak in them for longer. Altogether, acrylic baths are a firm favourite in busy households.

Because of the material Acrylic baths are easy to scratch. However, this is avoidable. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on an acrylic bath as these can take off the shine or scratch the material. Simply give the bath a gentle clean with washing up liquid and water.

Product Shown: Burlington Buckingham Slipper 150cm Bath


Cast Iron Baths

If you are after a luxury bath on the higher price end, this is the bath for you. With a wide range of styles and shapes available, a cast iron bath will create a truly elegant focal point in any vintage bathroom.

Cast iron baths offer a truly traditional design: they are great if you are creating a vintage look in your bathroom. Cast iron baths are extremely durable: they are resistant to damage, marking and denting. They are truly built to last, and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you are after luxury, this is the bath for you. With a range of styles and shapes available, a cast iron bath will create an elegant focal point in any vintage bathroom.

Although cast iron baths are brilliant for creating a traditional feel, and will last a lifetime, due to the material they are on the heavier side. Due to the weight of cast iron baths, they can be difficult to install and you may require extra floor reinforcement. Cast Iron baths are also cold to touch, and absorb a lot of heat so they do not stay warm as long as other materials.

All Cast Iron Baths feature an interior coating of Vitreous Enamel.  Within this process, the vitreous enamel will follow the contours of the bath, creating natural undulations within the surface texture.

Product Shown: Cast Iron Raised Double Ended Bath 1560mm


Cast Iron Raised Double Ended Bath 1560mm
Hurlingham Bateau Copper Bath - Copper Exterior & Nickel Interior

Copper / Nickel Baths

If you are looking for a unique eye-catching bath then look no further, as copper/nickel baths create a truly stunning centrepiece in any vintage bathroom. Besides their luxurious finish, Copper/Nickel baths host some brilliant advantages. Above all, Copper/Nickel baths are rust-proof, mould-resistant and antibacterial. Therefore, these baths are durable and made to last (we offer a 25-year guarantee on Copper baths). These baths have an overall traditional feel; however, they are versatile, as there are different styles to choose from to suit your needs (although there is a limited choice of sizes). Copper/Nickel baths also retain heat longer than other materials, such as acrylic.

With a copper bath you have the choice to have it waxed, or leave it unwaxed. If you choose to leave the bath unwaxed, the bath surface will naturally develop a patina over time due to the reaction to air/water. This will turn the copper into a lovely deep rich brown colour. However, we offer to apply a wax coating free of charge to avoid this. There is more information HERE.

Product Shown: Hurlingham Bateau Copper Bath


Steel Baths


Steel baths offer some of the best value on the market. There are plenty of shape and sizes to choose from, and they are still easy to clean with all designs displaying crisp lines and edges. Furthermore, Steel baths are impact and stain resistant, as well as chemical resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry about damaging the bath. Steel baths are built to last, which is why we offer a 30-year guarantee on all of our steel baths. Although steel baths are cold to the touch, but they retain the heat of the hot water well. Making them perfect if you enjoy a long hot soak.

Although there are many great qualities of Steel baths, it is important to recognise they cannot be painted. This sets them back from other bath materials such as acrylic, as they cannot be adapted to your personal décor as much.

Altogether Steel baths are the perfect in-between of cast iron and acrylic baths. They are ideal if you are looking to add a touch of modernisation into your vintage bathroom suite.

Product Shown: Bette Set Shower Bath


history of slipper baths

Limestone Baths

If you are after a high-quality bath that’s available in plenty of traditional shapes and designs then a limestone bath may be perfect for you. The limestone material is created from blending volcanic limestone with high quality resin to create strength, durability and beauty. The limestone baths are available in a natural white glossy finish. This is an easy surface to simply wipe clean, which is also resistant to hair dyes and bath oils. Additionally, limestone baths are warm to the touch alongside containing high-insulating properties, which help keep your bath warmer for longer- perfect for treating yourself to a long hot soak.

Limestone baths are also extremely hard, being more than twice as hard as acrylic, which is also something to consider when choosing your bath material. Despite this, limestone baths are also lightweight – it should only take two people to lift the bath ensuring installation is an easy process. Limestone baths also have a varied price range. Altogether, limestone baths will create a beautiful centrepiece in any vintage bathroom, whilst also being extremely convenient, and great for day-to-day use.

Product Shown: Victoria + Albert Toulouse 1500 Double Ended Stone Bateau Bath


High-Quality Traditional Bathrooms

From cast iron baths to traditional design suites and old fashioned toilets, all our products are made in the UK and built to last a lifetime! We also sell a wide range of bathroom furniture for Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian homes.

From designing a new high-spec bathroom to adding a new piece of furniture to your existing design, Old Fashioned Bathroom are here to help. Drop into our showroom or give us a call for more info – we can help you create an old fashioned bathroom design to be proud of!

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