It often seems easier to carry on using something that doesn’t work well rather than replacing it and starting again. Here are six good reasons why you might want to redesign and replace an existing bathroom rather than patching up and fixing the old one!

It looks very dated (but not in a good way!)

At Old Fashioned Bathrooms we would be the first to say that a good looking, traditional or retro style bathroom is very difficult to beat. By ‘out-dated’ we are thinking along the lines of an avocado bathroom (with an artex ceiling and lino floor!) or cheap, ‘wafer thin’ acrylic baths that have endured way too much over the years. Along side this we might also add clear signs of long term damp and mould which never seems to go away. Clearly bathrooms have a limited lifespan and you will probably know when your bathroom’s best days are over.

Avocado Bathroom

Will avocado bathrooms ever make a comeback?

Changing the way you use your bathroom

You may have got bored with having baths and prefer to have showers – therefore a shower cubicle might be a useful addition if the space is available. If you have a growing family it might be time to add another sink, or change the existing bath to one that is more child-friendly.

At the other end of the scale you could be elderly and want to design an appropriate bathroom with a more accessible bath and/or a shower with grab rails. For many elderly people the stairs becomes an increasing obstacle, so turning a downstairs cloakroom into a bathroom or shower-room might be the solution.

Not another spruce up!

If a year or two back you spruced up your bathroom by replacing the bathroom mirror cabinet, changed the shower curtains and bath mat and possibly did some tiling or redecoration, then that extra breathing time you cleverly bought is probably up by now. It’s time to go online or get yourself down to the Mickfield in Suffolk to look at some of Old Fashioned Bathrooms product range – contact us here

The frequent need to fix problems

A leaking tap never fixes itself. The little damp patch that appeared recently on the ceiling below where the bathroom is located will only get bigger. Of course you can get a plumber in to sort out the dripping tap or eventually find the source of the leaking shower, but once old fittings start to go wrong, you’ll probably get to know your plumber quite well. Unless you are opting for limestone baths or the St James Hampton Suite the expense of fitting a bathroom is nothing like the cost of say a new kitchen for example, so why not treat yourself?

Hampton Cloakroom Basin and Pedestal

St. James Hampton Cloakroom Basin and Pedestal – £371.62

Recently moved in

If you have recently moved into a new home – and assuming it is not a brand new build – do you really want to carry on using the tired old bathroom of the previous owners. The still visible tide marks on the bath and the slightly loose toilet seat? Water slowly draining down the bath and sink plugholes – you get the picture. Time for a re-design that will get you the kind of bathroom you want and one that suits your needs.

Planning to move out!

A good kitchen will help sell a very average house and a bright clean, modern bathroom will also make a great impression on buyers. A poor bathroom on the other hand will provide the perfect excuse for a prospective buyer to knock down the asking price because of the excuse that “We will need to put in a new bathroom”. Whilst we would not necessarily suggest you instal a new bathroom before selling your property, some small touches can make a difference. For example, replacing the rusty radiator with a nice British made towel warmer or the taps with some classic traditional style taps.

If you have read this article and there are no signs that you need a new bathroom then how about adding a second bathroom or an en suite!

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