A Guide To Our  Brassware Finishes

Choosing your bathroom suite is a big decision, sometimes you can overlook the small details such as what brassware finish to choose. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss the difference between the different finishes we offer, along with the care instructions to help you choose the right finish to create an immaculate, beautiful bathroom.

Edwards & Co 3 Hole Basin Mixer with Original Spout


Keep it classical with Chrome! Chrome is our most popular finish for brassware. It is the classical finish that you will see in most bathrooms as it is the perfect finish for use in all situations. It will effortlessly blend in with any bathroom ware and create a sophisticated and classic feel in your bathroom. Furthermore, Chrome is the hardest waring finish, it is the easiest to look after and keep looking brand new.

Cleaning instructions: The Chrome finish can be cleaned affectively with any bathroom cleaner.



The Nickel finish is perfect if you are looking for a softer finish than Chrome. It is a bright, shiny silver finish when new with slight yellow tones running through. Nickel will slowly dull into a pewter finish if not buffed so is a great period finish, often purchased to create a traditional, classic feel to a room. Which is why this finish works perfectly alongside any of our Old-Fashioned Bathroom suites.

Cleaning Instructions: We recommend that you clean Polished Nickel brassware with warm soapy water.



Be bold with Brass! The brass finish is a beautiful finish that will complete any bathroom suite. Altogether, the stunning brass tones will bring warmth into both traditional and more contemporary bathrooms. And the process of oxidation allows your brass products to become a part of your home. The unlacquered brass is very current however the aging process also fits in with the period bathroom style. After the oxidisation process occurs, your brass will develop an eye-catching patina.

Cleaning instructions: This product requires polishing with a brass/copper cleaner to maintain its bright surface otherwise the brass will soon tarnish.


*Please note that failure to clean in the recommended way will void the guarantee

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From designing a new high-spec bathroom to adding a new piece of furniture to your existing design, Old Fashioned Bathroom are here to help. Drop into our showroom or give us a call for more info – we can help you create an old fashioned bathroom design to be proud of!

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