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How To Create a Luxury 


What makes a bathroom luxurious? It’s not always about the most expensive products and bathroom furniture. A truly luxurious bathroom has the perfect combination of style and functionality, a place where you can wind down after a long day but also the place to start your day fresh. We’ve compiled a list of expert advice and questions you need to be asking yourself if you want your bathroom to feel luxurious and opulent.

How Do You Design a Dream Bathroom?

Firstly, it all comes down to personal preference. Are you a maximalist, minimalist, or something in-between? The first step is finding a style that you feel relaxed in. For some this can be an eclectic style with colourful wallpaper and ceramics that stand out. For others this may be a Scandinavian style with lots of creams and browns. To see what style you find relaxing, look at some bathroom social media accounts or browse a bathroom website to see if there are any styles that stand out to you.


Remember: Style is subjective, what someone else may find relaxing you may find a bit too chaotic. So rather than following trends, style your bathroom the way that makes you happy and allows you to relax after a long day.

Creating the Illusion of Space in Small Bathrooms

Sometimes it can feel like having a smaller bathroom creates limitations on what you can do and how luxurious you can make it feel. Luxury bathrooms are not defined by the size. In fact, we’ve seen some questionable design choices in some rather large bathrooms over the years as a bathroom retailer.

If your bathroom is big enough to fit a freestanding tub (usually the width of the room with freestanding baths being as little as 1500mm in length) then it can add a grand feeling. Pairing that with large LED mirrors and brighter colours means your bathroom, although compact, can have a grand and luxurious style without compromising on space.


Using Colour to Create a Luxury Feel

You don’t need to have a monochrome bathrooms for it to feel luxurious. Clinical white bathrooms are declining in popularity over the years. Using bright colours such as pinks, blues and greens are a great option. Also, it is more about how you compliment these colours. Complimenting a pastel pink with natural materials such as timber furniture or marble stone flooring/walls is what turns a colourful bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience.

Choosing a Luxurious Bath

Choosing a luxury bath is no easy feat. In fact, it takes a lot of time researching to find the perfect bath that suits you and your lifestyle. When it comes to luxury, a freestanding bath is the perfect choice for a timeless interior that never goes out of fashion. But what if your bathroom is too small for a freestanding tub or you’re not sure on what material bath you need? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled expert industry knowledge from our team at Old Fashioned Bathrooms into a blog post about The Best Bath Material For You. Alternatively, browse our selection of bathtubs, both built-in and freestanding, for your own bathroom inspiration.

Paying Attention to the Small Details

Maximising the small details is what truly makes a bathroom luxurious. Here are out top 3 small details you need to look out for when designing your bathroom for a more luxurious feel.

– Lighting: lighting is key! From relaxing with dimmed lights to getting ready in the morning with clear mirror LED lights. Read our Bathroom Lighting Blog to see what lighting options are best for you.

– Heating: from heated towel rails to underfloor heating, it’s all about making your quality of life a little better. Towel rails and underfloor heating are a great way to make your bathroom feel luxurious. There’s nothing worse than getting out of the tub after a long soak onto cold stone or tiles in the middle of winter!

– Technology: now we know electrics and water do no go hand in hand but hear us out. Becoming more popular over the years, built-in Bluetooth audio is a great choice for relaxing music or for that Monday morning motivation. Other options to make your bathroom more luxurious is by incorporating built-in demist pads on mirrors and even waterproof TV’s!




Dress up any bathroom whether large or small, with the finest of details. A standard WC that would be a lot of work to change? Add a solid wood, handmade, British made toilet seat to give the feel and appearance of a luxury bathroom.


Creating a luxury bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s all about functionality and how it can make your day-to-day life a little bit easier. Your bathroom may already be on its way to that luxury lifestyle. Adding a few accessories for quality of life changes or a new splash of colour may be all it takes to enhance your bathroom interior.


Looking For Inspiration?

Ready to take the leap and create your on luxurious bathroom?

Browse Old Fashioned Bathrooms traditional bathroom suites for inspiration!

Alternatively, read our collection of blog posts so you can be inspired with our top tips and industry knowledge from the experts at old Fashioned Bathrooms.

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