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It is the epitome of vintage bathroom chic. A free-standing bathtub situated in the middle of the bathroom, away from the walls, away from distractions, away from real life. Just your own little space in which you can relax and forget about the world for a while.

They were once found in every home but then disappeared as new styles came into fashion. But you can’t keep a good thing down, and the traditional freestanding bath has become a feature of many bathrooms once again. So why has its popularity surged once more? And is it here to stay this time?

The biggest reason is the rise in popularity of all things vintage. Each decade brings its own trends and styles – some good, many not so good. In particular, the 70s and 80s saw a lot of change for change’s sake, casting aside styles that had already stood the test of time for decades. The result was an era stuck in its own time that quickly became jaded and as we moved into a new age became symbolic of bad taste. And while new styles and trends continued to appear, in line with new technology, there was also a desire to go back to some of the classic elements of the past that many people look back on with a great deal of fondness.

And so the retro movement really took off. Vintage became the “in” thing – a combination of class, sophistication and elegance and a viable alternative to the fast-moving, ever-changing modern styles of today. This was never truer than in the bathroom and the freestanding bath stands outfreestanding bath 3 as a symbol of the vintage look. In fact, it’s such a popular idea that the designers of modern bathrooms have borrowed it as a key feature for some of the contemporary styles.

There are options aplenty if you’re choosing a freestanding bath, all dependent on how much of a traditional feel you want to convey. A tub with legs and feet certainly makes a statement but it does so with a whisper rather than a scream or a shout. A freestanding tub without legs is a bit bolder but much depends on the rest of the bathroom and whether you want to go the whole hog on the vintage look (including an old-fashioned shower) or just want to add a few traditional touches here and there.

As for the bath itself, whether it’s a relaxing soak on your own or some quality time sharing a double-ended bath, there’s something to be said for the dream-like tendencies the freestanding bath offers. Going back to the start of this post and the feeling of forgetting about the world and enjoying some escapism for a little while. The freestanding bath means you can do it with style.

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