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Old Fashioned Bathrooms for

Your Business

Bathrooms for businesses such as hotel bathrooms, restaurant bathrooms, and property development bathrooms are commonly overlooked when designing your interior. We’re starting off the year right in our January blog post on how your business can benefit from and old fashioned bathroom. 

Cultivating a Unique Brand Identity

Remember the last time you popped into the bathroom at a fancy restaurant or at a luxury hotel? Exactly! A luxury bathroom will always be remembered and will leave a positive impact on your guest’s experience. 

It’s important to find ways to set your business apart from the rest. An old-fashioned bathroom can become a distinctive feature that reflects the unique identity and personality of your brand. Even generating free marketing with social media users taking images in and of your bathroom. 


    holesfoot hotel room 2

    Holesfoot | Cumbria – Bathtubs by Old Fashioned Bathrooms

    A luxurious old-fashioned bathroom communicates to your guests that you have a commitment to quality, heritage, and attention to detail. 

    Emphasis on Sustainability

    Old Fashioned Bathrooms not only provide timeless design inspired by Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian era’s, but each piece is made from durable materials and some manufacturers even offer lifetime guarantees. Investing in quality fixtures means less frequent replacements, contributing to a more sustainable approach. Refurbishments will be less frequent due to the timeless style that never goes out of fashion as well as the premium quality brands. This aligns with the growing trend of businesses adopting eco-friendly practices and resonates well with environmentally conscious customers. 


      Is a Traditional Bathroom Right for Your Business?

      Look we get it, you aren’t going to find a beautifully timeless, Victorian-style bathroom in the next fast food chain you walk into. A luxurious, classic bathroom channels your image into all aspects of your business rather than just what customers can see from the outside. 

      The décor of your pub, hotel, restaurant, etc. is an extension of your brand and allows your customer to feel as part of a curated experience. Standing out from the crowd and purchasing a clawfoot bath for your hotel or luxury Italian urinals for your high-end bar can be the finer detail that attracts your target audience. 



        Plas Dinas | Gwynedd – Bathroom Suite by Old Fashioned Bathrooms


        So what’s the next step? Email our experienced team (sales@oldfashionedbathrooms.co.uk) telling us a little bit about your business and your requirements. We’ll be sure to offer experienced advice as well as bulk order discounts and bespoke timber furniture

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