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Our Guide to Wall Hung Toilets

When it comes to bathroom design, wall-hung toilets have become a symbol of sleek elegance and space-saving efficiency. These pans have gained popularity over the years for their minimal visual design, easy cleaning, and functionality. In recent years, these toilets have become a common appearance in old-fashioned bathrooms as well as modern bathrooms.  Read on to learn more about everything you’ll need when purchasing a wall-hung loo and the benefits they bring. 

What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

Wall-hung toilets are similar to your standard back-to-wall toilet except they appear to ‘float’ against a wall. These toilets aren’t just drilled into a wall, they are supported by a wall-hung support frame and cistern which is hidden from sight, also known as concealed.


    Toilet: Crosswater Burlington Riviera Wall-Mounted Toilet | RRP  £319 | Sale Price £255.20

    Typically, purchasing a wall-hung toilet actually means you’re just purchasing the toilet pan. You’ll need to make sure you purchase the toilet seat, flush plate, as well as the toilet support frame (this usually includes the cistern). Toilet support frames can come in various sizes and heights – this can determine the height the toilet is installed and and comes down to personal preference.

    What You’ll Need:

    REMEMBER: When purchasing a wall-hung toilet, make sure you have all of these products before installation.

    Wall-Hung Toilet Pan

    Support Frame / Cistern

    Toilet Seat

    Flush Plate

    Benefits of a Wall-Hung Toilet

    • Large Space: Wall-hung loos are a great way to make your bathroom appear larger. Smaller bathrooms will benefit from the illusion of a larger floor space when incorporating a wall-hung toilet.


    • Accessibility: People with health conditions or impairments may find them more functional. The support frame can be purchased at various heights, meaning a higher-than-average wall-hung toilet creates less strain on the body when standing up and sitting down.


    • Low Maintenance: With no floor fixings. Wall-hung loos are much easier to clean as you can sweep and mop underneath.

      Waldorf Wall-Hung Toilet | Our Price £410

      Flush Plates

      Flush Plates are an important and often forgotten element when purchasing a wall-hung toilet pan. Some brands such as Crosswater will require you to purchase a Crosswater Flush Plate alongside a Crosswater Support Frame as these will only work together. Other brands such as Geberit support frames and cisterns are universal and able to be used alongside most flush plates available on the market.


      Flush plates come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes. Common finishes include chrome, nickel, gold, brushed brass, matt black, and solid white.


      Remember: Don’t wait until the day of your plumber’s arrival – double-check that your flush plate is compatible with your support frame to avoid any disappointment on the day of installation. Your plumber should be able to offer you recommendations.


        Wall-hung toilets are a stylish and sleek choice when it comes to your new loo. With a versatile design, easier to clean, and more accessible, they are a great option for both modern and traditional bathrooms.

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