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Lifting the lid on rimless toilets
– what are they?

rimless toilet vs normal toilet design

Rimless toilets (also known as rim-free) are an exciting new addition to bathrooms in the UK. Old Fashioned Bathrooms recently sold its first-ever rimless WC, and we predict demand for these toilets will keep rising.

There are lots of models available on the market, but the Burlington is the first toilet pan that has been designed in a ‘traditional’ style and is guaranteed to complement any bathroom.


What is a rimless toilet?

Upon first hearing the term, it is hard to imagine what a rimless toilet could be. It looks very similar to a standard toilet. In fact, it’s not until you lift the lid that you can see the difference.

Rimfree toilets have no inner rim – instead, what you get is a very smooth, curved surface for a truly minimalist look. As well as its sleek appearance, the major selling point of a rimfree WC is that it has fewer hard-to-reach areas, so it’s straightforward to clean.

Rimless toilet vs normal toilet – what’s the difference?

Unlike traditional toilets, rimless toilets have no rim. So, there are no out-of-sight areas for bacteria and other unpleasant materials to build up. In other words, it meets our desire to have the cleanest and most hygienic bathroom products.


Rimless pans are not just easy to clean, but they need clearing less frequently as there is nowhere for the germs to hide! Rimless toilet reviews rave about how this new style of toilet reduces the need for cleaning.

And that’s not all – these toilets have a more powerful flush than regular toilets and look just as good as other traditional units!

Rimmed toilets, on the other hand, are hard to clean. The traditional rim on a standard toilet is a breeding ground for nasty germs, and getting under it with your toilet brush is no easy task.

Rimless toilet with close coupled pan and slimline cistern

The benefits of rimless toilets

Toilet icon

Easy to clean

Rimless toilets are quicker to clean than normal styles
Germs icon

More Hygienic

Rimfree toilets do not harbour unwanted germs or material

Rimless toilet disadvantages

We wouldn’t be doing our job correctly if we didn’t tell you about some of the disadvantages of having a rimless toilet. 

The biggest headache for the toilet technologist (and we’re not sure if this job exists!) is stopping the water from overflowing the sides of the pan, which is exactly why the rim was there in the first place.

There are different ways to overcome this issue, but in the case of the Burlington rimless toilet, the water is funnelled in a precise direction to stop it from spilling over the pan.

One positive aspect of the sleek design, and its associated hygiene benefits, is that less water is required per flush. Not only will this save you money on your water bills but it also benefits the environment.

The relatively large cistern is part of the unique, old-fashioned design of the Burlington Rimless Close Coupled Pan. To reduce water consumption, put a plastic bottle filled with water in the tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush.

So, are rimless toilets any good?

The rimless WC may only be a modest evolutionary step in toilet design, but the unequivocal benefits in terms of cleaning, hygiene, and water use could mean that we see more rimless toilets on the market soon.

As mentioned earlier, the Burlington Rimless Toilet is the first toilet to be rim-free while maintaining a style that fits in with the other old-fashioned style of our other units.

Best of all, the Burlington rimless toilet comes with a 25-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

25-year warranty

Against any manufacturer defects

Burlington rimless toilets

The Burlington might be the best rimless toilet in the UK.

This rimless WC with a close-coupled pan and cistern is available to buy online. Choose from a 52 cm standard cistern or a slimline 44cm cistern with lever flush or push button controls.

Prices start from £300 (correct at the time of publishing).

Burlington rimless toilet with close-coupled pan and cistern

Got any questions?

If you require more information about rimless toilets please do not hesitate to call Old Fashioned Bathrooms on 01449 711782 or visit our showroom in Mickfield, Suffolk, IP14 5LS.

We are hoping to add more rimless toilets to our range in future so please re-visit our website if you are thinking of designing a bathroom in a traditional style over the coming months.

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