Rimless Toilets

Lifting the Lid on Rimfree Toilets

rimless toilet vs normal toilet design

Rimless or rimfree toilets are currently one of the most exciting trends in bathrooms. Old Fashioned Bathrooms recently began selling its first-ever rimless WC and although other models are available, the Burlington Rimless toilet is the first pan that has been designed in a ‘traditional’ style and is sure to compliment any bathroom.

What is a Rimless Toilet?

On first hearing the term it is hard to imagine what a ‘rimless toilet’ could possibly be, and on first sight, it looks very similar to a ‘normal’ toilet! You may also be thinking, are rimless toilets any good and how do they work? It’s not until you lift up the lid that you see the differences.

Rimfree toilets have no inner rim so you see a very smooth curved surface which has a truly minimalist look. As well as the sleek minimalist appearance the unique selling point is that the design makes the ‘no rim’ toilet bowl very easy to clean.

Not yet ‘bowled’ over?

Rimless vs rimmed toilets – what actually is the difference?

Unlike traditional rimmed toilets, rimfree toilets have no rim. This means there is no out-of-sight area for bacteria and other unpleasant material to accumulate. This meets our 21st Century consumer desire for the cleanest and most hygienic bathroom products.

Rimless pans are not just easy to clean but the design makes the need for cleaning less frequent as there’s nowhere for the germs to hide! Rimless toilet customer reviews highlight that this new toilet style reduces cleaning, has a more powerful flush than normal toilets and looks great amongst other traditional units!

Rimless Close Coupled Pan with cistern (44cm) ceramic level

Reasons to buy a ‘no rim’ toilet

Toilet icon

Easy to clean

Rimless toilets are quicker to clean than normal styles

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More Hygienic

Rimfree toilets do not harbour unwanted germs or material

Rimless Toilet Problems

The biggest headache for the toilet technologist (and we’re not actually sure if this job exists!) is to stop the water overflowing outside the pan, which is exactly why the ‘rim’ was there in the first place. There are different ways to overcome this issue but in the case of the Burlington rimless toilet, the water is initially funnelled in a precise direction.

A positive aspect of the sleek design and associated hygiene benefits is that the volume of water required for a flush can be lowered and you can save money on your water bills as well as benefit the environment.

Part of the unique ‘old fashioned’ design of the Burlington Rimless Close Coupled Pan is the relatively large cistern. To reduce water consumption, a simple solution is to put a plastic bottle filled with water in the tank to reduce the amount of water used per flush.

Flushed with success

The rimless WC may only be a modest evolutionary step in toilet design but the unequivocal benefits in terms of cleaning, hygiene and water use mean that the toilet manufacturers are falling over themselves to produce rimless designs.

As mentioned earlier, the Burlington Rimless Toilet is really the first toilet to be rim free but maintain a style that will fit with an old-fashioned bathroom design. Best of all, our Burlington rimfree toilet comes with a 25-year warranty against any manufacturer defects – highlighting the quality of this product.

25-year warranty

Against any manufacturer defects

Burlington Rimless Toilet

Shop our Burlington rimless WC close coupled pan with cistern & ceramic lever online! Standard and slimline options with lever flush or push button controls. Price from £184.

Rimfree Burlington Toilet

Got any questions?

If you require more information about rimless toilets please do not hesitate to call Old Fashioned Bathrooms on 01449 711782 or visit our showroom in Mickfield, Suffolk, IP14 5LS.

We are hoping to add more rimless toilets to our range in future so please re-visit our website if you are thinking of designing a bathroom in a traditional style over the coming months.

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