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Steel Baths

Baths made out of steel – what’s the big deal?

Bette freestanding steel bath

What is a steel bath?

Steel bath tubs are made from a single sheet of titanium-steel that is moulded or pressed into ultra smooth, curved shapes. The clean, crisp lines and flowing angles make them perfect for designer modern bathrooms, whilst the pure white enamel surface is hygienic, easy to clean, and also impact, scratch and chemical-resistant.

The thermoforming manufacturing process used by Bette baths to create each steel bathtub highlights extraordinary craftsmanship and precision.

Steel baths continue to grow in popularity and offer an alternative to more common, modern acrylic bath styles. Due to the high-quality and impressive craftsmanship, steel bathtubs command a premium, however, with a 30-year warranty, they are a fantastic bathroom investment.

Browsing for your perfect tub? Shop our freestanding steel bathtubs.

Shop Bette baths in steel

Old Fashioned Bathrooms are official stockists of Bette steel baths. We are delighted to offer a 30-year guarantee with every steel Bette bath.

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Bette has a great range of glazed titanium steel baths.

They are relatively lightweight because the metal is 3.5mm thick, but at the same time, each bathtub is incredibly strong and durable.

Unlike acrylic tubs, the white enamel in a Bette bath will not fade or discolour overtime.

Single ended steel bath

Single-ended steel bath

This steel bathtub is available in 12 sizes with two tap holes or none.

Bette steel bath

Bette steel shower baths

Our steel shower baths are available in seven sizes, with two or no tap holes.

Double Ended Steel Bath

Double ended steel bath

Our double-ended steel bathtubs are available in 11 sizes, with two or no tap holes.

Steel baths vs acrylic baths

Are steel bath tubs better than acrylic?

Unlike acrylic bathtubs that are affected by a degree of movement when used as a shower, steel baths offer a much stronger and more robust surface that does not move over time. Although steel baths are cold to the touch, they are effective at retaining the temperature of the water.

Another great benefit of enamelled steel bathtubs is that the glazed titanium steel is impact and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, the surface is resistant to chemicals, so there’s no need to worry about those spills!

Reasons to buy a steel bathtub

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Heat retention: Steel bathtubs retain the heat of the bath water better than many other styles. If you enjoy having a long soak you won’t need to keep topping up the hot water as quickly as most other metal baths.

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Quiet design: A slightly quirky feature of steel baths is that they are relatively quiet. When you use a shower in an acrylic bath it is echoey and loud, but the smooth enamel coat and curved shape of a Bette steel bath stops this noise. 

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Eco credentials: The manufacturing process of a steel bath ensures that when the bath does eventually come to the end of its life, it can be recycled so you can even do your bit to help the environment.

Why choose a steel bathtub?

Steel baths are a great alternative to heavy cast iron baths, and modern acrylic baths, without compromising on design. They can certainly add a touch of class to bathrooms for those customers who don’t want a run-of-the-mill acrylic tub.

Additionally, steel baths are better suited where there are access issues and floor weight limits. Steel baths or titanium-steel alloy and enamel tubs are the perfect compromise between heavy cast iron and standard acrylic baths, whilst also looking terrific.

Cast iron baths, along with those made from copper or nickel plate, have had a resurgence as more people opt for retro and Victorian-style bathrooms. Although freestanding cast iron baths often look fantastic, they are not always the most practical option – they weigh a ton (literally) so access via the stairs is not an easy task!

Traditional iron baths also absorb a lot of heat from the water making it go cold quicker – certainly not ideal for those chilly winter evening soaks. Other bath materials such as copper, or copper plated with nickel, look amazing (check out our bateau baths) but may be out of reach for some people’s budgets when designing or renovating their bathroom.

30-year warranty

on manufacturer defects

Did you know?

We sell an extensive range of quality freestanding steel baths online.

All our tubs are carefully designed for both comfort and style and are sure to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom design.

Steel bath tubs

We’re here to help

With so many bathtubs to choose from, we know that deciding on your perfect style is going to be tough! That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you with any questions you may have.

All our Bette baths come with a 30-year guarantee, giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong. We also offer a price-match guarantee on any comparable product at a genuine price.

If you’re local to our bathroom showroom in Mickfield, Stowmarket, why not pop in to try out our range of freestanding baths. Visit our contact page for travel and contact information.

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