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Thomas Crapper

Starting in 1861, Thomas Crapper created a plumbing and sanitary engineering business. Today, that same business has become one of the most recognised in the bathroom industry, raising the bar for quality and traditional-style bathrooms. We’re here to give you the complete Thomas Crapper guide so you can better understand what is best for your bathroom. Relax and read on to discover how your bathroom can be enhanced by a brand that offers the pinnacle of Victorian and Edwardian design.

Thomas Crapper Toilets

High-Level Toilets

High-level toilets are versatile, offering a range of colours. These toilets enhance large bathroom spaces but can become a focal point in a cloakroom bathroom. Options include the 814-cast cistern, ceramic cistern, or polished metal cistern. These high-level loos display the classic Thomas Crapper branding and the option to have personalised engravings (excluding ceramic cisterns).

814 Cast Cistern: In 1900, the company produced the iconic valveless waste preventer which was catalogue number 814. You’ll find this number engraved on their range of cast and polished metal cisterns

Available in White, Matt Black, British Racing Green, ‘Crapper’ Red, and Unfinished (primed for painting)

Low-Level Toilets

Thomas Crapper low-level toilets offer the same colour options as the 814, polished metal, and ceramic cistern. They also offer the Comtesse low-level, a smooth and curved ceramic cistern and pan that contrasts against their standard ceramic toilet. This makes it perfect for both traditional and modern bathrooms.


Close Coupled & Back-To-Wall Toilets

Thomas Crapper offer a range of close coupled and back-to-wall toilets. The Viceroy is ideal if you want the original Thomas Crapper branding on your cistern, displaying luxury and quality throughout your bathroom interior.

Both the close-coupled and low-level toilets are available with the unique beer-pull handle. A handmade cistern lever available in chrome, nickel 


Thomas Crapper Basins

Cloakroom Basins

Thomas Crapper cloakroom basins come in a variety of colourful designs. Inspired by Victorian basins,  you can choose the Harwood, Downham, or the Bentham if you’re looking for that classic Thomas Crapper branding on your cloakroom basin. Alternatively, you can opt for the Sawley, Marlborough, and Chatburn if you’re looking for a clean, unbranded look for your bathroom. These are perfect for all bathroom styles as they offer sturdy, thick ceramic without old-fashioned branding.


Colour Options: Available in White, Blue Anthracite, Blue Indigo, and Forest Green.


Washstands & Pedestals

Thomas Crapper basins offer choices with a range of metal washstands, ceramic pedestals, or brackets with pattresses. Also, in addition to the standard size basin (560mm & 635mm), Thomas Crapper introduces the luxurious double marble top basin, sitting at an impressive 1500mm.


Washstand Options: Chrome, Nickel, Polished Brass

Bracket Options: Chrome, Nickell, Polished Brass, Brushed Brass

Pattress Options: Black, Charcoal Grey, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, White

Thomas Crapper Showers & Taps


Thomas Crapper taps come in a large variety of styles that are perfect for pairing with Victorian, Edwardian, and contemporary style basins and baths. Also, both wall-mounted and deck-mounted options are offered to suit your style and needs. Perfect if you’re looking for vintage-style bathroom taps with modern plumbing technology.


Colour Options: Available in Chrome, Nickel and Polished Brass.


Thomas Capper offers both concealed and exposed showers with a plethora of luxury shower head sizes. All brassware is available in chrome, nickel, and natural polished brass. To provide a period bathroom, all shower handles are provided in the traditional 1920 crosshead handles and levers. Each shower, particularly exposed showers, create a traditional style with quality that will stand the test of time.


Colour Options: Available in Chrome, Nickel, and Polished Brass.


Thomas Crapper Accessories


Thomas Crapper accessories are crafted as direct duplicates of originals produced in the 1890s. Their unique designs, particularly the elegant and classical ranges, are perfect for Victorian-style bathrooms. Their versatile styles will enhance most bathroom visuals across the decades, even when incorporated with contemporary interiors as a focal piece. Most pieces within the three Thomas Crapper accessory ranges are available in chrome, nickel, and polished brass.


Ranges: Elegant range, Classical range, and Marlborough range




So now you know a little more about the history of Thomas Crapper and some of the amazing products they offer. Have you found the perfect toilet for your bathroom suite? Or maybe you needed a few luxurious Thomas Crapper accessories to jazz up your bathroom interior without having a complete refit. We hope you’ve learned about the amazing products this prestigious brand has to offer and how they can make your bathroom feel like an authentic and tranquil space of rest and relaxation.


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