Bathroom Cleaning Guide

11 steps to a clean bathroom
Cleaning your bathroom sink

A clean bathroom is the ultimate sign of a clean home

With all those germs lying around, only by implementing a bathroom cleaning routine that works will you be to keep on top of it and keep your bathroom as the healthiest room in the house.

Bathroom cleaning tips are usually split into two categories – the everyday and the deep clean tips. For best results, use both sections to keep your bathroom sparkling.

11 Quick Steps to Clean Your Bathroom

Often, the most effective bathroom cleaning tasks are the simplest ones.
Put into place a bathroom cleaning routine comprised of the following 11 steps:

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Disinfect the toilet

It’s the hub of many bathroom germs, so eliminate those straight away with powerful bathroom cleaning products that are up to the challenge. While there’s definitely a place for alternative natural cleaning products elsewhere in the bathroom, don’t discount the power of proper disinfectant to get this job done.
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Clean bath, shower & sink

If they’re made from porcelain, you can forgo fancy bathroom cleaning products and opt for full-strength white vinegar followed by a rinse with cold water.

Regular cleaning like this should prevent longer-term staining.

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Clean mirrors & screens

Making your mirrors and shower screens sparkle doesn’t have to be expensive if you use vinegar (yes, again) and flush it away with warm water. To get a streak and smear-free shine and rid your mirror of those soap stains, a cheap squeegee will do the trick as effectively as any bathroom cleaning products.
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Check your vents

When damp air doesn’t have any method of escaping, it breeds bacteria and makes your bathroom an unhealthy place to be. So, a routine including cleaning bathroom extractor fan or vents will free the air in the room and make it a healthier place to be.
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Tackle the fittings

Limescale is a major problem in every bathroom, so get rid of it by using a small cleaning brush or even an old toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies of your taps, shower heads and pipework. Again, vinegar is an excellent option for this.
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Clean the tiles

The best way to clean bathroom tiles depends on the material the tiles are made from. White vinegar works well for ceramic tiles, but definitely not on marble surfaces. To clean bathroom tiles in your shower, run the shower for a few minutes to open the pores of the ceramic for better cleaning.
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Clean the floor

The last element of a cleaning routine should be to clean your bathroom floors, and this can also be done with that catch-all – vinegar. Mop the floor with a solution of vinegar and warm water as a matter of course to keep it sparkling.

*Bathroom Cleaning Tips for a Deep Clean*

Regular bathroom cleaning can keep the grime away, but a less frequent deep cleaning bathroom routine is the only way to go beneath the surface grime and tackle the bacteria beneath it. Every few months, undertake a comprehensive deep clean including the following steps:

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Scrub the grout

How to clean bathroom grout is often misunderstood and people just leave it to focus on the on the tiles instead. However, cleaning the grout with an old toothbrush or small brush will clean all the dirt away and then you can clean the tiles afterwards. For details of how to clean bathroom tiles, see above.
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Unclog the pipes

It’s easy for hair and other detritus to get trapped in and around your wastewater pipes, and this can lead to problems that are far more acute than simply a messy bathroom. So, make it a habit of your deep clean routine to boil the kettle and pour hot water inside. Follow that up with baking soda and further hot water just to be sure.
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Pay attention to the floor tiles

While you should clean any grout using the methods outlined above, you might want to break out a steam cleaner for the floor tiles. Remember, floors are utilised every time you walk into the bathroom to wash your hands, and it isn’t uncommon for deep rooted stains to set in.
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Check for stains elsewhere

Have a look in the bathtub, shower, sink and toilet to see if the porcelain or other material is starting to stain. For porcelain baths and other bathroom furniture, equal parts ammonia and baking soda should help to get the worst of them off. Just leave the mixture for a few minutes before washing away with hot water.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

As you might have noticed, we’re big fans of white vinegar, but when it comes to natural bathroom cleaning products, there are some other excellent options available too.


Try baking soda to cut through dirt and grease when mixed with water or use it neat to get rid of stubborn stains. The acidic properties in lemon juice can also help in everyday bathroom cleaning tasks like removing soap scum from tiles.

One final thing to remember when you’re looking for bathroom cleaning tips and all of them seem to involve expensive bathroom cleaning products – check the label and see if vinegar or baking soda is contained in them as an active ingredient. If it is (and it usually is) then skip the expense and make the mixture up yourself!
vinegar and baking soda cleaning bathrooms

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