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Close coupled toilets explained

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What is a Close Coupled Toilet?

A close coupled toilet sounds complicated but it’s not. Essentially, a close coupled toilet is the type of toilet you’d normally think of if someone asked you to picture one – the cistern is located directly behind the toilet bowl instead of being high up in the more traditional design of the high and low-level toilet styles. Manufactured in both modern and traditional styles today, close coupled WC’s are the most popular toilet style in the UK.

How do they work?

Depending on the design, flushing can be activated via a flush button or a handle – through connecting parts, the water goes straight from the cistern into the bowl. Most of the parts on a typical close coupled toilet are hidden within the casings, ensuring close coupled WC’s can fit into most bathroom spaces.

One great thing about the close coupled toilet is that the style can suit any bathroom. As the cistern and bowl are coupled together, you can have a sleek unit designed to fit into a thin space or a more expansive traditional unit that stands out a little more.

Reasons for Choosing a Close Coupled Toilet

Close coupled toilets are the most common WC you’ll find in homes across the UK. This is because they are…


Because the cistern and bowl are in such close proximity, this style of toilet is sturdy and not as prone to damage as other styles.

Easy to Install

Close coupled toilets are quick and easy to install, especially in bathrooms when the toilet is being replaced but a full remodel isn’t taking place.


These toilets are suited to any home, with options that can fit with any décor preference and style.


Partly due to their versatility, close coupled toilets are fashionable and unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.


Toilets are a necessity of life, but that doesn’t mean they should be huge and ostentatious. Close coupled toilet offer a minimalist design that works with other styles.

Low Cost

Thanks to their straightforward design and popularity, these toilets are comparatively low in cost and installation costs are likely to be cheaper than other options too.
NOTE: Something to remember about close coupled toilets, though, is that the waste pipe will be visible feeding into the wall and this might not be to everyone’s liking. However, thanks to the sleek and minimalist design of close coupled toilets, it’s not usually a huge problem.
Types of toilets - high, low and close coupled

Shop Traditional Close Coupled Toilets

Old Fashioned Bathrooms sell a wide range of modern and traditional style toilets – we also offer a range of toilet seats.

Here are four traditional close coupled toilets for inspiration…

Burlington Close Coupled WC

Burlington Close Coupled Toilet

This close coupled toilet is deceptively simple, with a truly timeless Edwardian style that suits any traditional bathroom.

It’s one of our most popular toilets, coming complete with lever flush (although you can choose a push button if you’d prefer). It’s made from vitreous china and can come with a standard sized cistern or a slimline one that fits into those smaller spaces.

Prices start from £138.60 – £173.60 depending on specifications.

 Burlington Close Coupled WC – Regal Pan

Burlington Regal Close Coupled WC

The Burlington Regal is an upgrade to the standard Burlington Close Coupled WC with a seat that is more comfortable for averaged sized people than standard WCs.

As it’s higher, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you sit, plus it’s great for older people concerned about getting up and down from a low toilet. The Burlington Regal includes all the features of the standard Burlington, including a slimline cistern option.

Prices start from £195.30 – £230.30 depending on specifications.

Oxford Decorated Close Coupled Toilet

Oxford Decorated Close Coupled Toilet

This really is a stunning toilet that would make a remarkable addition to any traditional bathroom – the floral pattern gives the toilet a unique charm.

The floral decorations on both the cistern and the bowl give it a distinctive Victorian style, and it comes with either a chrome and ceramic handle or a gold and ceramic one. It’s the ultimate splash of classical style for a traditional bathroom with flair.

Prices start from £697.00 – £701.25 depending on specifications.

Salisbury Close Coupled Toilet

Salisbury Close Coupled Toilet

This is another toilet inspired by the Edwardian era and their stylish yet practical bathroom designs.

It’s made from china clay and comes complete with a brilliant white glaze, along with a ceramic and chrome lever handle for a perfect flush. As part of our budget range, the Salisbury is an excellent choice for customers hoping to create their ideal traditional bathroom on a strict budget.

Prices start from £158 depending on specifications.

Did you know?

Old Fashioned Bathrooms also offer a wide variety of traditional high level, low-level and decorated toilet styles online.

Decorated toilet in suite

Traditional toilet experts

All Old Fashioned Bathrooms traditional toilets are manufactured to exact standards based on beautiful designs in keeping with the original pieces. Most WC’s come with a choice of ‘Cistern Width‘ and ‘Flush Type‘. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Please note, most toilet styles are sold without a toilet seat. To view our range of high-quality toilet seats please visit this page.

Drop into our showroom or give us a call for more information – we can ensure you’ll be enjoying your new traditional loo in no time!

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