Why Choose Victoria + Albert


Formed in 1996, Victoria + Albert (Victoria and Albert Baths) set the bar for premium quality freestanding bathtubs. Made from 100% QUARRYCAST™, Victoria and Albert bathtubs are the ultimate statement in quality and style. Each bathtub is carefully manufactured in South Africa and is expertly hand-finished to ensure all Victoria and Albert bathtubs in the UK provide nothing short of excellence. 

Why Choose a Victoria + Albert Bath?

So we mentioned QUARRYCAST™ and it is truly one of the main selling points for Vand A bathtubs, next to its unmatched style and elegance. QUARRYCAST™ is a mix of Volcanic Limestone™ and high-performance resins.

Volcanic Limestone™ is formed when the elemental forces associated with liquid magma react when it comes into contact with chalky limestone. The insurmountable heat and pressure from the magma transforms the rock into a new material made of seriously hard-woven strands.

It’s all good and well to use fancy words, but what do they mean? In simple terms, V + A baths are so durable that they offer a 25-year guarantee as they are proud and truly believe in their products.



Every Victoria + Albert Bath is supplied with a 25-year guarantee as standard.


Choose a Colour That’s Right For You

Victoria and Albert baths are available in any colour. Yes, you heard us right! You can have any V + A bath in any Little Green or Farrow & Ball colour available. Need a specific colour? Bathroom retailers such as Old Fashioned Bathrooms even offer colour match if you’re looking for a particular colour within your bathroom. 

Alternatively, you can have a contrasting colour to make your bathtub a statement piece within your bathroom. 

Just Want the Short and Simple?

 Here are our short and sweet pointers on why Victoria and Albert baths are so great:


Strong and durable.


25 Year guarantee on all baths.

Premium Quality

Hand-finished in South Africa.


Average V+A bath weighs 72kg.

Easy to Clean

Sand and buff out scratches

Colour Options

Any colour finish available.


Victoria + Albert baths are a great option if you’re looking for the perfect combination of premium quality and luxury – built to last a lifetime. With various sizes available. there is a V+A bath ideal for all bathrooms from modern to traditional interiors, small or large.

Old Fashioned Bathrooms provide any V+A bathtub you could possibly want! Browse our stunning range of premium quality Victoria + Albert baths. We offer any colour options on V+A bathtubs – we even offer a price match guarantee!

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